Local News

In May we Tweeted about the enclosed area linking Church Lane and Cottage Lane in Shottery and bemoaning thatit it was permenently closed.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, who own the area, tweeted us back with the reasons for its on-going closure.

Here is the reply:

Hi Stratford Fringe, thank you for your tweet regarding the pathway linking Church Lane and Cottage Lane in Shottery. The Shottery Brook walk way will remain closed for public access at least for the remainder of this year. The Trust recognises that the area has a wonderful and rich ecology and fantastic wildlife and, whilst the long term aspiration is to make more of this space accessible again, there are a number of challenges remaining in order to make this densely wooded area safe and enjoyable for all users. These include issues related to security, the safety of pathways and the ongoing flood risk and flood prevention measures all of which require substantial investment. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is committed to the ongoing care and maintenance of the Shakespeare family homes and their wider grounds and environs. We will continue to explore options and opportunities for broadening access to this part of our site.